Life on Earth is Created By and For The Sun

The "forest ecology" consists of 3 floors (if you count the basement and the first floor as one floor).

  • Trees thrive on the third floor – the top floor.
  • Vines, grasses, and shrubs thrive on the second floor – the middle floor.
  • Roots and sea life thrive on the first floor and in the basement – the bottom floors.
1) Top Floor
  • Trees "eat" sunlight in the morning, beginning their "meal" as soon as the Sun rises above the horizon.
  • The highest trees get first choice – tall ones like pine, date, coconut, and eucalyptus trees.
  • Trees reach for the heavens.
  • Trees resonate with the brain, lungs, breasts, shoulders, arms, skull, ribcage, cervical vertebrae, and thoracic vertebrae.
2) Middle Floor
  • Vines, grasses, and shrubs "eat" the leftover sunlight.
  • Their compensation is, they receive the Sun's strongest radiation – its heartiest and most nourishing victuals.
  • Vines travel up and/or down in a spiral. Grasses and shrubs reach upwards, but not for the heavens.
  • Vines, grasses, and shrubs resonate with the heart, small intestines, abdominal muscles, and lumbar vertebrae.
3) Bottom Floors
  • Roots and sea life "eat" the leftovers of the leftovers – infrared radiation (heat).
  • Roots reach for the center of the Earth, and sea life flourishes underwater.
  • Roots and sea life resonate with the genitals, hips, buttocks, legs, sacral vertebrae, and coccyx.
1) Top Floor Foods
  • Eat tree foods for breakfast to nourish your brain, throat, and lungs in the morning.
  • A walnut looks like a brain. So does a pecan.
  • An almond looks like the amygdala. Amygdala is a Greek word for "almond."
  • The ideal time for breakfast ("break the fast") is between 7:00-9:00 a.m.
2) Middle Floor Foods
  • Eat vine, grass (cereal), and shrub foods for lunch to nourish your heart and small intestines at midday.
  • A bell pepper looks like a heart. So does a tomato.
  • The ideal time for lunch is between 12:00 noon-3:00 p.m.
3) Bottom Floor Foods
  • Eat roots and sea food for supper to nourish your genitals and sexual glands.

Yogis advise us to avoid root foods because they stimulate the Root Chakra. I ask, "What's wrong with that?" I meditate in the morning and save sex for the evening. Tantric Sex (Sacred Sex) is the exception to the rule.

Ginseng root is well-known for stoking sexual energy and supporting potency and fertility.

So is ginger root.

And garlic root.

And dong quai root ("female ginseng").

And maca root.

And sarsaparilla root.

And yohimbe root bark.

And mushrooms.

A mushroom looks like a penis, and can power through an asphalt driveway overnight. Mushrooms and other sexual foods usually work the "night shift."

Sea life also supports sexual potency and fertility.

Oysters contain zinc and dopamine, raising testosterone levels and increasing desire.

Oysters boost semen production and increase vaginal lubrication.

An oyster resembles a vagina, but changes its gender back and forth from male to female several times a year.

A mature sturgeon is capable of laying 3,000,000 eggs.

You can probably think of many more examples now that you see the PATTERN.